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You Are a Star

Photo-A-Day #3575

went to IKEA today with Andrew and Uncle Mike. That was after Dad came over to help us get Andrew’s new mattress. We got a bed frame from Allison’s grandparents and it has been in the garage for a while. It was time for Andrew to get his own bed. We’ve had the IKEA crib/toddler bed for the past 7 years and it has served us well for both kids. Now it is time for retirement.

After a nice breakfast with Dad at Morin’s we went to Bob’s Discount Furniture where I had purchased a mattress and foundation for Andrew the day before. I was planning on getting the mattress from Big Lots but changed to Bob’s. ad remembered me saying Big Lots so he went there and I went to Bob’s. We got it worked out in plenty of time because the place didn’t open till 10am.

We got the mattress and foundation into the house to air out. Then Andrew and I caught up with Uncle Mike and drove to IKEA. I had to return something. It was a fairly short trip but we did have lunch there and walked a little bit through the downstairs. I bought Andrew some under the bed storage, only to find out later that there is such a low clearance on this bed that these under the bed storage items won’t fit, under the bed. We also bought some alphabet cookies (I was really expecting more umlauts.)

Testing Everything at IKEA

Photo-A-Day #3494

We took a trip to IKEA for the day today. Andrew was all over everything. He tried out all the couches and beds and many, many more things. We were looking for some sheets for his bed. Soon we’ll move him to his actual big boy bed instead of the converted crib/toddler bed. Once we do he’ll have a new comforter and sheets to enjoy.