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World’s Worst Smurfs

Worlds Worst Smurfs
Photo-A-Day #1834

I’ve been talking with my Business/Life/Career Coach Kim Ann Curtin. She has challenged me to reward myself with something special for accomplishing things that I never really celebrate. I just don’t celebrate things like getting guest blogging spots, or co-hosting podcasts or even being chosen to do something special with a major brand. I just see that as what I do, nothing too special or at least I don’t like to ring my own bell too much. Kim even set up a bragging post on her blog and encouraged people to brag about things that they’ve accomplished. Man that is tough for me.

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Pajama Party at SOTPlayhouse

Pajama Party at SOTPlayhouse
Photo-A-Day #1484

Today when I woke up I saw that my friends SmilieShorts and Chica kicked butt for hours and commented like champs. They went above and beyond to help me try and win a comment contest to get $400 for Walking 4 2nd Base. And then I’d have gotten $400 for me which I was going to use for four of my favorite charities. Alas their efforts, while fantastic and again, above and beyond, were just not enough. I sent out calls for help through most of the past month to nearly 700 people and then there was my twitter reach and the calls fell on many deaf ears. It happens, we move on.

SmilieShorts is doing the Relay for life tonight and that is after staying up till midnight last night commenting on this blog. She has a goal of $100 in fund raising and she is 10% there because I donated. Can my readers match me? Let’s help April reach her goal.

Christian from Speed of Thought Playhouse also commented at 2:53am. He said that there was a Pajama Party tonight at Speed of Thought Playhouse. I went on down to check it out and became the official video man for the night. It was another night of wild and crazy improv fun. I need to figure out a better way of securing the camera. However, after many different positions for the camera I finally figured out the best place to put it. I finally got everything working. I think that eventually we’ll get some places set up for more permanent camera locations.