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LEGO Thanos and LEGO Thanos

Multiple Thanos
Photo-A-Day #4748

This afternoon I spent some time building another LEGO set. This was one of my older ones, the Avenjet Space Mission. This one included Thanos, Hyperion, Captain Marvel, Iron Man in a Space Suit and Captain America in a space suit as well. It was a good build and has a bunch of fun features. There is a special hidden spot where Iron Man can hide and then part of the ship pops up and can fly on its own. Thanos has these mini flying boots that also have some stud shooters. The Avenjet has about five flick missiles on the underside, too. I’m going to try and rebuild all of the Marvel LEGO sets I have before Infinity War arrives.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR “Family” featurette and Live LEGO Build

Assault on the Sanctum - Wong Doctor Strange Bruce Banner and Tony Stark

With just a couple of weeks until the release of Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR there are plenty of TV spots showing up but also fun featurettes like the one below. This featurette has some great behind the scenes information about the movie. I love the scenes of the characters working together. Then to have all the actors and actresses talking about working with each other and joking around makes it even better.

Spider-Man Iron-Man Drax Star-Lord Mantis

Seeing the characters in the shot above together is awesome. The three biggest wise-asses in the MCU together in one shot! That is with the exception of Scott Lang, Ant-Man. To see those four guys riffing on each other over and over would be amazing.

Okoye Black Panther Nomad Black Widow White Wolf

One of the biggest set pieces will probably be the battle in Wakanda. This is where we will see so many of the characters working together. We’ll get to see Bucky Barnes, AKA The Winter Soldier who will be called The White Wolf in this movie, using his new vibranium arm. Then we have Steve Rogers, Captain America who will be more like his Nomad persona using a new shield from the people of Wakanda. Black Widow is sporting new tresses and a new look, too. There is just so much awesomeness in these videos that is making it harder and harder for me to contain my excitement.

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