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Lunch Notes

Lunch Notes
Photo-A-Day #4533

I decided that this year the kids will be getting little notes of encouragement in their lunches each day. I picked up a bunch of post it notes, stickers, markers, stamps and more. I am not the most artistic guy but I can come up with some pretty good puns to give the kids a chuckle. I found some Washi Tape that has cats on it so the cat puns are strong. I’ll look for fun things to add to these little notes throughout the year. I’ll probably Instagram the notes for each day.

Jokers For The 40 Year Old Boy

Photo-A-Day #3341

For a few weeks I’ve been posting tweets attempting to get the attention of Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist Podcast. I really would love to see Mike Schmidt as a guest on the show. Two years ago I went to Mike’s one man show, Success is not an Option, and had a great time. I also went to dinner with Mike the night before and that was a great time. Mike spent a few minutes during the show ripping me apart because I ate all of the Avocado from a salad that we were sharing at dinner the night before. Mike likes to order a bunch of things and share them with the table.

So, on June 1st I tend to wear a 40 Year Old Boy T-shirt and think of how else I can promote Mike and his podcast because I think he’d be a great guest on The Nerdist. Hopefully someone will see my posts, photos and tweets.