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GoBuddy+ Was a Lifesaver After Blogger Bash 2016

All Charged up thanks to GoBuddy

It has been over a month since I came home from Blogger Bash. It has been a month since I lost my iPad charger and cable. Luckily, I received a GoBuddy+ from Kanex while at Blogger Bash. My charging problems were solved. Not only my day-to-day charging but my on the go charging as well. The GoBuddy+ is light and easy to carry, it not only has a bottle opener but a caribiner clip for keys so no matter where you go you have a charging cable for your iPhone or iPad. Continue reading GoBuddy+ Was a Lifesaver After Blogger Bash 2016

My Guy Loves His Purple iGuy!

Andrew loves his new iGuy from Speck

We received an iGuy iPad case for kids from Speck for free to use and review. Our opinions are 100% our own.

When I was at Blogger Bash I met with the folks from Speck. They had a ton of iPhone cases but what really interested me was the iGuy iPad case because I thought it would be awesome for the kids.

I was so right about this. We received a purple iGuy, which is Andrew’s favorite color, and he couldn’t wait to put the iPad inside. The iPad fit perfectly into the iGuy with access to all the ports. Andrew couldn’t stop giggling that the power cord port was under iGuys armpit. He went into giggle fits on that one.

Holding an iPad is super easy with an iGuy

Andrew has been using the iPad in the iGuy ever since I gave it to him. He carries it around like a stuffed animal and holds it by the arms as we watches his shows and plays his games. I like it because it is large and squishy with plenty of depth for the iPad so that if dropped it would be protected. Protection is what is needed with a rambunctious four year old who loves technology and watching videos.