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The Revengers Auto Club is Complete

Revengers Cars
Photo-A-Day #4620

The other day I was at Target and I finally found the remaining Thor Ragnarok Hot Wheels character cars. I had been searching all over for Valkyrie and Hulk. I had found Thor and Loki early on, but continued to keep my eyes open for Hulk and Valkyrie. I’m pretty sure that I’ve found every car out there for the Hot Wheels Marvel character cars except for Doctor Strange (Which I only saw in a specialty store for marked up prices), Iron Fist and Mantis. So, I should be good until the Black Panther cars come out in a few months.

Oh Man, You Gotta Watch THIS on Netflix #StreamTeam

Supershow For Everyone

Each month I write an article for the Netflix Stream Team in addition to some other Netflix promotions. I am compensated for my posts on a yearly basis and I often receive fun little care packages every couple months. Opinions on the Netflix shows available are my own.

Last weekend I watched Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix. This was an eight episode mini-series that was the culmination of the first round of the four Marvel shows on Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The four main heroes came together to fight a foe. They did work together, albeit begrudgingly. It never took anything to convince me to watch a Marvel show on Netflix. I’m a fan through and through and will consume everything Marvel that is produced. However, not everyone comes to these shows immediately and some people need convincing. If you take a look at the graphic above you can see a little bit how some people end up finding and watching the four main Marvel shows.

One of the easiest shows to access is Luke Cage. The thing is, you might want to watch Daredevil and Jessica Jones first because they came before. But if you want a nice soft intro to the super hero show that is grounded in reality then Luke Cage is the show to start with. It is a story about a man who is just trying to do the right thing, keep his head down and stay out of trouble. the thing is, he has extraordinary powers and finds a responsibility to the people of his community to use those powers to protect those people. I don’t quite agree with the assessment of shows that Netflix assigns to gateways to Luke Cage. I would say shows like Longmire and Hell on Wheels would be excellent gateway shows to Luke Cage. In Hell on Wheels you have a man who is trying to put his past behind him but he has certain skills that make him formidable and he has to step up to protect those that he loves.

For Daredevil you might want to look at Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. Both are about a man who loses his sight but develops almost superhuman abilities through training. There is also the anti-hero theme around Daredevil and that is something that you certainly get through House of Cards and Dexter. But, there is also the martial arts aspect and the fighting that occurs. If you like those sorts of things then Daredevil will be a good one for you.

I am constantly watching new shows on Netflix. I often get to watch shows before anyone else and see if I like them or not. In past months I was about to see early screeners of Friends From College and the recently released Atypical. Friends From College was okay, but Atypical was a standout and I wanted more people to watch it. I convinced Allison to watch it and got to watch the last episode with her and she definitely wanted more once it was over. Certain shows are like that. they hook you right in and you want to live along with the stories of each character. Continue reading Oh Man, You Gotta Watch THIS on Netflix #StreamTeam