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Doing the Fly Wheels Challenge with Andy

Fly wheels Challenge

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00502

I must admit this off the bat. I received this Fly Wheels box well before Toy Fair in February. I am so overdue on doing anything with these that it is laughable. Jakks Pacific sent me this amazing influencer box of Fly Wheels toys and we are just getting out there to use them. They sent a box of Fly Wheels plus a jump. Today Andy and I went to the Park and used an empty baseball field to zoom these flywheels all around. We had a fun time doing so, too.

Fly Wheels are wheels that you attach to a handle, pull a rip cord and let fly. They have so many different kinds for different types of performance like Street, Off-Road, Race and Moto. The wheels can go up to 200 (scale) MPH and we certainly noticed when we pulled the cord and the wheel hit the ground shooting up rocks and sand. Occasionally we’d even hit the jump right and the flywheels would rocket up and over. They’ve even gotten one of these to jump 30 feet in the air over an actual airliner. Amazing!

You can find Flywheels at Walmart, Target and Amazon. If you are so inclined to pick them up from Amazon please consider using our affiliate links.

Getting Back into the Unboxing Groove

Back at it Unboxings
Photo-A-Day #4709

Over four years ago I started seeing a bunch of people making video game videos on YouTube. I thought that I needed to become part of a multi-channel network in order to do so and I made a dumb decision. I joined one, for five years. Yeah, for five years this network was supposed to help me improve my YouTube channel but rather they only took a hefty cut of my earnings. Did they promote me in any way? No. Was there much help at all? Not really. I made a very dumb decision and I learned from that.

Recently YouTube took monetization away from many small time creators who did not have at least 4000 hours of view time and 1000 subscribers. And it was because of these changes that I was dropped from the multi-channel network despite qualifying to continue to be monetized by YouTube.

Well, that is GREAT news to me! I had been counting the days until I would be free from that network. Now I am and I’m starting to produce some more.