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My Latest Comic Book Haul

Comic Book Haul
Photo-A-Day #4384

On the Way to Brian’s house to film Built from Bricks I stopped at my local comic book store, Wild Time Comics. I guess I hadn’t been in a while because I had a whole bunch of comics to pick up. I got home late from Brian’s and hadn’t filmed anything so it is a Comic Book Haul Video!

Eva Reviews It! Jem and the Holograms #1

Jem and the Holograms
Photo-A-Day #4283

For the past couple of years I have been collecting various comic books to read with Eva. One of those series was Jem and the Holograms. This is a new series based on the cartoon from 1986. I watched all of the cartoons when I was a kid and a few years ago got them all on DVD. I tried to show Eva the cartoon but she was a bit freaked out by the rival band, the Misfits. So we didn’t even make it through the first full episode. However, I knew that eventually she’d be at an age where she might enjoy a show about music, fashion and adventure. I was even more pleased when this comic came out because it updated the band for the times but kept the fun. I’ve collected 21 issues plus an annual and the first Misfits issue. Eva and I are going to read the series together.

We read the first issue today and then made this video below. I think that she will enjoy this little experiment this year together. We’re doing this together because the comic has the potential to get into more grown up themes and so as we read it together (after I read it on my own) I have moments to talk about the content with her. I hope that this continues to bond us to things that we enjoy together.