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Buffett Drive In Night

Photo-A-Day #3359

Tonight, after the longest time ever, Allison and I finally got to experience a Jimmy Buffett concert. A few month’s back I saw that the Mendon Drive-In was doing a simulcast of one of Jimmy’s Concerts which was being held at a Drive-In down in Texas. The show was going out to 87 Drive-Ins all over the US. I bought tickets and we invited one of my friends from work and her husband. To say that Allison and she hit it off would be an understatement. Maybe it was the Landshark, maybe it was the Bug Juice, or maybe the exchange of honeymoon horror stories, but there was a friendship connection made. We were really lucky to have such nice people to go with us to the event. Continue reading Buffett Drive In Night

Where’s the Turkey Chuck!

Photo-A-Day #1692

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. We’re going to be spending the day with my parents, Tara and Erik, Shelby and Bonnie and Howard. I am actually looking forward to the parade tomorrow for the first time in forever because Eva is old enough to be interested and also excited. I’m excited to have a turkey drumstick that isn’t going to make me want to go off into the woods to die. (Re: Buffett Concert this year, check the archives) There will also be some other great food and it will be nice to hang out with the family and relax, can we please relax, tomorrow.

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