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Combinations for Fun and Excitement

stunt track
Photo-A-Day #1888

Today is my Dad’s Birthday. I sent him a birthday text 1st thing this morning and asked if he was going to take a birthday motorcycle ride. He texted me back with a photo taken of the beach and his Harley, “Yep, THANKS!” My Dad rocks, and not just because he reads my blog faithfully. He’s so skilled in carpentry and years ago he left a job that just wasn’t what he wanted to do so that he could go and do what he did like. And over the years through hard work and sacrifice he was able to do what he enjoys. Testaments to his attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship can be seen all over. Happy Birthday Dad. Continue reading Combinations for Fun and Excitement

Reaching Out

Reaching Out
Photo-A-Day #1887

I love having beautiful afternoons in Spring. When I have those I get the chance to spend some quality time with Eva in the yard. Today when I got home we got to hang around on the front lawn as I blew bubbles and Eva “Plopped” them. That mean that she ran around and sat on the bubbles on the ground. I kept trying to get her to blow bubbles but she kept sticking her fingers in the wand. But I did manage to snag today’s photo. Continue reading Reaching Out