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Movie Trailer: Martian Child

I just saw this trailer for the upcoming John Cusack Movie Martian Child. This looks like one of those movies where you just have to fall in love with John Cusack over and over. He is a very special kind of actor who invokes warmth and emotion from his audience. Sure, I admit that I have a huge Man-Crush on Cusack’s work. The guy is amazing and has been part of some amazing movies that have touched my life. Say Anything is my all time Cusack movie because he me want to become Lloyd Dobbler. There is just something so amazing about his movies. I am really looking forward to Martian Child.

A Paper Prime

Optimus Dobler

I used to have a program on my Apple IIC that was called Toy Shop. I could print out instructions and templates on building a toy out of paper. Then I would stick the paper on a sticky sheet of cardboard to make it rigid. Today you can make your very own transformable Optimus Prime out of paper. This low tech recyclable toy will give you hours of fun in the construction as well as the playability. One reader of Pop Candy went so far as to make a tiny boombox out of paper so that Prime could do his best Lloyd Dobler impression. That is if Lloyd had the Matrix of leadership. Maybe that is why I like the movie so much. Llyod was trying to light his darkest hour. Check out the DVD covers. Coincidence…I think not. Cusacktimous Prime.