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Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective
Photo-A-Day #1592

On my way out the door at work today I noticed that there was this sculpture on a stone wall. I tried taking it straight on like the photo below. Take a look at it, it is blah and boring unlike the one above.

Static and Flat

Just by making a slight change in your perspective makes a huge difference. You can go from bland and static to a photo with depth and energy.

I’ve noticed that this can happen often when you are online all the time. You may get so focused on one way to look at things and then something comes along to change your perspective. I’m about to start reading Chris Brogan and Julian Smith’s book Trust Agents (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Trust Agents

I’ve got an advanced copy and I plan to read it very soon. I was a little peeved at Chris Brogan before Affiliate Summit. There was a miscommunication regarding Twitter but now, things are real cool. I mean real cool. He’s gave an amazing keynote and he even gave me a mention in his newsletter. I was floored. Already he is changing my perspective.

I’m looking forward to tell you all about it. If you can’t wait for me to tell you about it you can always go to Tim Jones, He’s already asked the question Who Do You Trust?