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Do you have a Contingency Plan?

Photo-A-Day #1657

In my case I am usually the contingency plan for people. I’ve been the fallback guy for blind date balls, the anchor for kickball teams (that’s what the last guy picked is, right?) and one time I even got to speak at a conference because the original speaker became ill. Seriously though I am usually the guy called to fix up issues that no one else can fix. I am a walking contingency plan. That means that I can be counted on to get the job done, and done correctly. When you are the contingency plan then you get to do some cool things but you also get some high pressure things sent your way.

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Bounce ‘cross the Pond

Reading @chrisbrogan at Logan.
Photo-A-Day #1614

Today I was up and on my way to London… Early. I flew out of Logan at 9:00am. Got to England at 8:25pm. Got out of Customs at 10:30pm and then drove to hotel in Sheffield 3 hours away from Heathrow. Now it is 2:30am in Sheffield, England and I’m deciding whether I stay up and practice my demo until I have to give it tomorrow or go to bed and practice when I get up. Part of me says go to bed and start fresh in what will pass for morning in my mind. Another part of me says I should be checking on everything right now before sleep and yet another part of me wonders why I am blogging rather than practicing in the first place.

The flight was pretty uneventful, I watched The Transporter on my iPod and then read and finished Chris Brogan & Julien Smith’s Trust Agents and then began it again to really digest it and take it all in. My intent was to read it the whole way but I wasn’t feeling into the book thing on the flight and that is why I have many forms of entertainment to bring with me on flights like podcasts, books, movies and music. Oh and I should have been looking over my demo, which I did… once.

Well, time to fish or cut bait, to sleep perchance to dream (probably about my demo) or to practice and then to sleep and dream about the demo, that is my question tonight. Tomorrow, demos and maybe a chance to photograph something English.