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I WON the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for the Wii U

Skateboarding kids
Photo-A-Day #4107

Sometimes I am very lucky. I hit a hot streak of luck and it just goes for a while. This time I won a copy of LEGO Dimensions for the Wii U. I won from a retweet on a Blogger Bash update. I’m super excited to finally get to play this game. There are definitely some expansion packs that I’ve had my eye on like Back to the Future and Scooby Doo. But there are also some new properties that are coming on board like The A Team. Holy Cow, that is just awesome! The kids are excited to play, too. Eva wants to do an unboxing video soon. We’ll have to do it when I return from Blogger Bash.

I head to Blogger Bash in New York tomorrow morning. This will be my first visit to the event. I’ll be there for the week doing all sorts of fun things. I’m rooming with my friend Tim from A Geek Daddy. he’s one of the ambassadors and he’s the one who alerted me to the conference. I bought a ticket and then decided to volunteer my time at the conference. I got selected to help and thus got a comped ticket. So I’m going to attend for free, in exchange for work. I’m taking the train down for the conference, the only way to get there, in my opinion. So I’m doing pretty well saving some money on the travel expenses.

Today the kids met me at the door and wanted to show me their skateboarding moves. I captured some before I went and crashed out in bed from the weekend of work.

When I woke up Allison took us to America’s Best Defense in Mansfield. One of her friend’s owns the place and we had just alked the other day about enrolling Andrew. He doesn’t have a “thing” like Eva does. We figured that we might try him out and see if this could be his thing. He loved the lesson. Mr. Burns gave him a private intro lesson. Andrew as feeling shy and didn’t want to go with the other kids. I’m glad that he didn’t because we were able to watch him closely and see just how much he was enjoying his lesson. He immediately fell in line with the discipline and you could see how much he was focusing. He loved is lesson and is eager to go back on Thursday to earn his White Belt. He has some homework to do before he can get it, though. He’s got to learn the school’d creed, the first part. He also has to do chores and practice his blocks. When he came home he showed Eva what he had learned. He was so proud of his new knowledge. Although he still wants to go a punch kick at the same time even though he falls over each time.

Tonight I did a Pack and Purge. I took everything that I own out of the closet and the dresser. I put it on the bed and then began to weed things out and reorganize. I got the beginning on the vlog today but not the end result. In the end I had a stuffed to the gills small Target bag full of t-shirts and a tall kitchen bag stuffed even further of everything else. I got a couple pairs of shoes to donate to a program at Koko and I now have a ton of empty hangers. It was a good purge.

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