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I Hit the Same Dead Skunk Twice

I Hit the Same Dead Skunk Twice
Photo-A-Day #1643

Disclaimer: This post title does in no way reflect my thoughts and feelings on the book Trust Agents, Chris Brogan or Julien Smith. I think they are righteous dudes and their book is so great I have two copies.

I got a good night of sleep last night and got up pretty early to go back to the gym after two weeks of vacation. How can two weeks undo the work you’ve spent months doing? Well, we will see if things were totally undone tomorrow as I have a check up on my diabetes tomorrow. The doc can tell me if I’ve improved on my weight loss at all. Ted Murphy said that he was expecting me 5/6 the size I was at ASE09. I never asked him if he thought so. Although looking at some of the photos I certainly don’t feel like I’ve lost weight.

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