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Another Month another Sweepstakes

Each month Paddling.net puts on a wicked cool sweepstakes. Most months the prizes have been three boats. This month however they are giving away 4 boats. And each one better than the next.

The Sweepstakes will be running from today till December 13th. You can enter every day to win one of 4 boats.

Here are the prizes.

1.) a T16.0 kayak from Enlightened Kayaks
2.) a Gemini Sit-On-Top kayak from Feelfree
3.) an Excursion 166 DLX Canoe from Pelican Intl
4.) a Wood Duck 12 kayak Kit from Cheseapeake Light Craft.

Each boat is part of a prize package that includes racks from Talic, paddles from Cannon Paddles, PFD’s from Stohlquist, and cushions from Skwoosh.

Very, Very Cool.