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February ShutterCal Prints have Arrived!

shuttercal images

My second print pack from ShutterCal arrived today. The prints came out perfect. This time I spaced out all the captions properly and they look great. I’m grateful to Shuttercal for providing me with the prints to review. They are going to be an amazing set of keepsakes in our house. That is partially why I have so many shots of Eva this year. I just love that I have some great memories captured and also ones I can physically hold.

ShutterCal Prints are Here!

Photo-A-Day #1799

I have been taking photos for nearly five straight years. Today I finally have physical prints of my photos, at least for the month of January, 2010. I started this year as a guest blogger for ShutterCal in return for Shoebox and ShutterCal prints for the year. The guest blogging gig did not work out but I am still a huge fan of ShutterCal and will let you know what I think of each new pack of ShutterCal prints that I receive. This is my first shipment and I am impressed.

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