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DIY Kid Creation – Tic-Tac Pencil Sharpener

Drew and Allison at Patriot Place
Photo-A-Day #4296

This morning when Eva and I came home from Church I was taking trash from my car including an empty 200 count Tic-Tac box. Eva saw it and she wanted it for a project. I was skeptical but she said that she had a broken pencil sharpener and figured that this would replace that. She planned to take the broken piece and hot glue it to the opening of the Tic-Tac box. That way the pencil shavings will be collected within the box. She then said that she would decorate it and then make a video all about it. I was proud of how she wanted to make this item. She made the video before Allison came home to help he with the hot glue so she helped me make my daily vlog and we inserted her video inside of that.

Tonight I took Allison to the restaurant, Scorpion. It was a nice place with a Mexican theme. The food was delicious and I had the first Margarita that I’ve had in a very long time. It was also the first date night in a long time, too. The kids enjoyed some time with one of their favorite babysitters.