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The Kids Unbox It! Puppy Dog Pals and Spirit Riding Free Blind Bags from Just Play

Making a Robot
Photo-A-Day #4477

The kids were having some fun with the recycling that I did not bring out yet. They decided to build a Robot costume for Andrew. They were so proud of the things that they made. They also made some stop motion videos on their own, too. They made them with the new toys that I received at Blogger Bash. Some of those toys were blind bags for Spirit Riding Free Blind Barn and also the Puppy Dog Pals.

The kids are going to do many more unboxings with me and they are looking forward to the giant Sweet Suite that I’ll be receiving this week. That box is 24lbs! You can see The kids unboxing those blind bags in the video below.

Trying out a Gummy Recipe!

Dinosaur Gummi
Photo-A-Day #4306

I give making gummys a shot. Working it out before I do it tomorrow night with SteamDads! I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to make some gummis so I wanted to try it out. When I get a recipe now I have to make sure it works out before we start filming. We’ve had a few experiments go, not quite according to plan and take longer than expected. So now I have a decent idea of how long the creation takes. I also know which of the molds work best for these and it just so happens that the Dinosaur mold is perfect. The LEGO one is pretty good, too. The hearts were more difficult but for the most part everything came out really well.

I only used the Jello for the flavor. I’ve heard that there are other ways to flavor the gummis and even using crushed up Vitamin C makes them sour. I may even look into using the Warheads drops to try something in another batch.