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Fancy New Knit Gloves

Fancy new Gloves

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00385

Allison has been quite busy knitting lately. This time she is knitting for the kids and has made them some fingerless gloves. She made them for Andrew first and he couldn’t wait for a full pair so he wore one glove to school for a couple of days. Allison finished that pair and then moved on to making Eva some and also a matching hat for her. The kids both love their gloves very much and are excited to wear them.

Andrew and the Giant Squid

Andrew and Allison and the Giant Squid
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00005

Allison has been knitting something special for Andrew for a few months now. It was a giant squid blanket that Andrew can step into and pull up around himself. It is adorable. She even made giant eyes and sewed them on to the squid. With each stitch she would turn to me and say, “I hope this boy never doubts how much I love him.” Sewing isn’t Allison’s thing but knitting is. she can knit anything and she is really good at it and particular about how she knits. I think that she would have made my grandmother Theresa quite proud of the progress she has made over the past 10+ years of knitting.

For Andrew’s part he was appropriately excited for his gift as you can see in the video below.