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I Love Round Numbers

Photo-A-Day #3867
10,000lb exact Perfect Workout

I had been waiting until I got 250 perfect workouts before I took another selfie at Koko Fit Club. I’m two perfect workouts early but I see nice round numbers like 10,000 and I have to take the shot. If I keep going I’ll get that 250th perfect workout after two more sessions. That is if I concentrate and focus.

When I was at Target today I saw that Crayola has started to roll out some new adult coloring materials. Adult coloring is the latest big thing. I don’t know why, I’ve been coloring like crazy for a long time. It is very calming.

I Hit my 100th Perfect Workout

Photo-A-Day #3503

Today I hit my workout goal for 2014. For my first year at Koko Fit Club I had 33 perfect workouts. I wanted to go bigger and so I made the decision to go for 100 perfect workouts for 2014. Throughout the year I was averaging 10 perfect workouts each month and was pretty on track to attain my goal in October, but it wasn’t until November that I reached the goal. So now I have 133 lifetime perfect workouts and I am going to attempt to hit 150 lifetime perfect workouts by the new year.

Also at Koko they have been doing this motivational thing where if I go 12 times each month and do 12 strength and 12 Cardio I get a badge to wear on my lanyard. Well, the program was only up to 11 months and I hadn’t heard much about what was happening beyond the 11th month. Well, they are doing something that I hoped they would do. If you hit a full year of 12 X 12 X 12 you turn in your badges and get a T-shirt and a new badge in the shape of a star that signifies a full year. It has really felt good to be in that group who has gotten a badge every month so far.

Now, time to get it back in gear.