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I joined Koko Fit Club

Photo-A-Day #2800

I found the gym for me. Months ago I bought a month’s membership through Living Social. I sat on it for about the full three months I had to possibly use it. Finally, one month ago I went and signed up to do my month.

Working out at Koko is like nothing I’ve done before and I really, really like it. There are various reasons for this. Koko Fit Club is not like a typical gym. You do not have to carry around a clipboard and try to remember and figure out the sets that you need to do for your workout. You get a lanyard with a Koko Key (USB flash drive) that you put into the different machines. This not only keeps your information but it tells you what you are going to do for your workout. Continue reading I joined Koko Fit Club

Fun Dinner at House of Fortune

Photo-A-Day #2771

Tonight we went to House of Fortune with Sharleen and Thor of YesVideo. They were on a trip to CVS headquarters and had time to meet us for dinner. We took Eva with us but Andrew got to stay with a sitter. Eva was so excited to talk to Thor about The Next Avengers (Movie that Eva Loves about the children of the Avengers including Torunn, Thor’s daughter). I was so glad that Thor was a comic book fan like me and he actually know about the movie. Eva was very excited that not only did he know who Torunn was but also more about her than most people. Continue reading Fun Dinner at House of Fortune