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Dandelion in Focus

Photo-A-Day #2224

Between my two Sigma lenses that came with my camera the 28-70mm one is much better for using the Zeikos Close up lens filters. I took the +4 and +10 close up filters, my Gorillapod and my camera to the yard. Today I went with a theme of Dandelions. I liked the dandelion in partial seed, it had a cool look to it. I also took a few more photos of other dandelions. Continue reading Dandelion in Focus

Brunch with Santa at LA Roberts

Photo-A-Day #2081

Today we went to LA Roberts so that we could have brunch with Santa. My brother-in-law’s father, Uncle Howard, is Santa there for two weekends close to Christmas. He dresses like an old world Santa and carries a carved walking stick. They set up a giant seat for Santa and a great Christmas tree as well as a large bag of toys for the kids who come to the brunch. They even had a balloon artist on site making hats.

Continue reading Brunch with Santa at LA Roberts