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Friday is BBBL2 Day!!!

Sun Chronicle AdBlogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II Update: Today I came home to see that BenSpark.com was again in the local paper. It was in the paper in the form of advertising for Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II. I had talked to Christian about doing some advertising and he took care of all of it. The Sun Chronicle did a great job with the Ad. It not only has My blog Logo but also information about the Walking 4 2nd Base fundraiser and prizes. There is also my link to the Facebook Event. I wonder if there will be many bloggers in my area who want to come to the event.

The other great news today is that Dina Riccobono of Market Leverage has donated a 16GB iPod Touch to one lucky online winner. She wanted to help me out with the event after I helped her out with the Market Leverage Bowl-A-Thon. This will be a twitter contest. The intent is to drum up as much excitement as possible to get people to attend the online LIVE event via stickam. The official stickam site for the event will be www.stickam.com/sotplive.

So how can you get your hands on a 16GB iPod Touch?

Here are the official rules. Must do all 1-3 to qualify.

1. Follow, @benspark, @marketleverage, and @sotp2009 on twitter.

2. Tweet “RT: Watch #BBBL2 LIVE @sotp2009 on stickam/sotplive. Win an iPod Touch from @benspark and @MarketLeverage http://urlbrief.com/4978f8 #icause”

3. Leave a comment with a random person, place and thing (stuff I can shout out during the improv show for the Speed of Thought Players) plus a link to your tweet on the Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II Post. (To see how you link to a single tweet check out this post. Linking to a Tweet.)

25 BONUS Entries!
4. – Donate at least $10.00 to my friend Sue’s team Walking 4 2nd Base for 25 extra chances to win. Just make the donation and in the “How would you like your name to appear” spot put your @twitter name or blog address so I can confirm the donation. Thank you.

What are you waiting for, spread the word. This contest is open until April 30th. – Comments are closed on this post. Please comment about the contest on the Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II Post.

Ignore Small Annoyances To Gain Great Results

Ignore Small Annoyances To Gain Great Results
Photo-A-Day #1466

Ignore Small Annoyances To Gain Great Results

My friend Courtney of Ride to Remedy gave me this fortune. Even though I moved my daily fortunes over to FortunateBluFrog I wanted to post this one from Courtney as it goes with my day.

This morning I got up to go to the gym. I noticed that the door to the dining room was closed and only Oliver was in the living room. Oh No, I opened the door and my olfactory senses smacked me into reality. Duncan was locked in the dining room overnight. 5:00am and cat crap = not my favorite Monday.

So then I went to work and find that someone had been using my desk on Friday. This is not really a big deal most of the time because we are set up to have people sit at any desk in the entire company. However, if you sit at someone’s desk you don’t change their set, move their stuff and knock over their toys. You know the feeling you get when the chair you sit in every day is not what you are used to. That was what I was feeling all day.

Now before you go thinking I am just complaining hold on I have a point. These were just small annoyances. Things could always be worse. So, are there some small annoyances that you are putting up with right now to gain great results in the future?

Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II is this weekend. The event is being sponsored by IZEA. They gave me money to throw a great event for a cause and I’m so excited to work with Speed of Thought Playhouse to host a great evening LIVE and online. Stop by my post titled Being Responsible and leave a comment about the event please.