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Laughter Before Bedtime

Laughter before bed
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00238

Before bed the kids were being wicked silly. Andrew being his precious comedian self was making us all laugh and I snapped a few photos of the kids with genuine smiles. I don’t often get candid shots like this one. It is great seeing authentic smiles from the kids and they are enjoying each other’s antics. Bedtime can be one of those times where we can be stressed out but if we can take the time to stop and laugh a bit it makes it all the better.

A nice bit of a tension breaker for the kids as they may have some nerves about starting new grades tomorrow.

In Stitches

Photo-A-Day #3393

I was shooting some photos of the kids in the back yard today. Many were with the Galaxy Camera 2 for a special assignment, however I took this one with the NX30. Andrew was spinning a chair around and around. I love seeing his silly little face through the stitching of the chair.

In stitches is also how Andrew keeps us. He is hilarious. He is also a naughty little imp from time to time. His cuteness gets him into and out of a lot of trouble.