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Conversations in Cars with Curmudgeons – Letter Games

Letter Lessons
Photo-A-Day #4056

When Andrew rides with me we play this little game with a set of flash cards. The flash cards have upper and lowercase letters on them. Andrew will read me a letter and I am to give him a word for that letter. Some days I will go big and give him really long words. Other days my brain isn’t firing so he gets short common words. It is fun working with him on words because he asks great questions and I can tell him the definitions of the words and he then uses them in conversation later in the correct context.

Today was a busy one around the house. Eva’s First Communion is Sunday so we were getting the place looking nice inside and out. Also there was a lot of food being prepared. Allison’s parents are here with us and they made 100 meatballs and about 50 sausages. I’m pretty sure that we will be more than ready with food for our guests on Sunday. I am less hopeful about the weather but the outdoor furniture has been cleaned up. I mowed, rakes, used the blower and the weed-whacker so that should look halfway decent. I met a neighbor who is starting a landscaping business and am hiring him to clean up the rest of the spots around the house that I have been unable to get to. He should do that sometime next week.

Review: Tiggly Words

Excited to start playing Tiggly words

We’ve been fans of Tiggly since before they launched. We’ve reviewed all of the products and apps that have come before. We received a copy of Tiggly Words to play with and review. Opinions of this new app and toy are 100% our own. We have used Tiggly almost exclusively with Andrew. Those very first games had Andrew identifying his shapes and colors within the span of 30 minutes. With Tiggly Counts Andrew was excited about counting and he’s counting to 100 all the time, especially at the supermarket. Now with Tiggly Words we are beginning to start early reading with Andrew.

Using Tiggly Words

A significant improvement with the Tiggly apps happened with Tiggly Words. The toys work perfectly on iPads that use screen protectors. We’ve had no problems at all with the game recognizing the letters that Andrew choses while playing. Andrew started off playing the Tiggly Submarine app. That is the words related app that he likes the most. The game kept him occupied and engaged for an hour right out of the box. The next day I came home from work and my wife asked Andrew to spell his favorite word. It is HUG. I picked him up and told him that I would make his favorite word bigger and add an “e” to it to make it huge, and I gave him a huge hug.

Playing Tiggly Submarine after Tubby Time.

Andrew has been using Tiggly Words for a few days now and it is working well for him. He’s noticing words more and he is spelling them for us. Tiggly Submarine is still his favorite but he also enjoys Tiggly Tales. When Tiggly Doctor comes out later this week (June 11th) he’ll try that as well. Each game comes free with the purchase of Tiggly Words. Now Tiggly can be found at Target stores in the us and Best Buy stores in Canada. You can learn more about that in the press release below. Continue reading Review: Tiggly Words