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Team 1 For Skylanders Swap Force

Photo-A-Day #3112

Yesterday I received Skylanders Swap Force in the mail from a PR company for Activision. Today I started playing the game. I was going to wait until I got the Wii U version from my pre-ordered Dark Edition from GameStop but I couldn’t wait and Eva wanted to play with me this morning. So, I opened the box and I played, a lot. I noticed a few things so far.

I had been leveling up every one of my existing Skylanders and completing individual character quests. There are individual character quests in Swap Force and they are pretty cool but repetitive from Giants. Also, the quests that you completed in Giants do not carry over to Swap Force. You pretty much have to do them again.

I do have some additional figures and a whole bunch of them are arriving tomorrow. I’ll be making videos of each one of them so that is why they are all still in their boxes. I’ve played with some of them in the box but will free them once I get these videos made. I’ll also try and get a little game time with the Nintendo 3DS version that arrived today. That game came with Free Ranger, Rattle Shake and Volcanic Lava Barf Eruptor.

MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Legendary 3-Pack

MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Legendary 3-Pack of figures

Since I’ve been doing these MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants reviews I’ve been on the lookout for the exclusive sets that are sold in stores like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us. I bought the Legendary 3-Pack of MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants figures at Toys R Us. The set contains the Legendary versions of Bouncer, Chop Chop and Jet Vac. Also included is a golden sheep and three elemental symbols plus some bloks to create a little diorama.

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