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LEGO Dimensions – The Goonies, LEGO City Undercover, Hermione Granger

Sloth from LEGO Dimensions
Photo-A-Day #4410

We received three LEGO Dimensions packs today from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own. The packs we received were: The Goonies Level Pack, The LEGO City Undercover Fun Pack and the Harry Potter Themed Hermione Granger Fun Pack.

From a purely LEGO build standpoint these are some great minifigs and micro build sets. I was especially impressed with how One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship was assembled. It even has mini cannons! The Sloth minifig looks great down to the funky teeth and special headpiece and signature Superman t-shirt. The Buckbeak build was a fun one to do and he looks regal in his pose. You know how hippogriffs can be. I’m excited to play in the adventure world for LEGO City Undercover. I loved that game in and of itself and so glad that it was added to LEGO Dimensions. I made a video showing all of the sets and talked about how they were built. I do not have any gameplay at this time but below my video is the press release that introduces these sets plus a special “Meet That Hero!” video that introduces everyone to the Goonies.

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Chase McCain’s Adventure Begins and Ends

Photo-A-Day #2951

I’ve completed playing LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins for the 3DS. I love playing the game on the Wii U and when this prequel came out I picked it up for myself and promptly played it every chance I got. I finished it tonight and that is probably why today’s photo was of the 100% screen and not something else. Like I said, I’ve been playing the game every chance I got.