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LEGO Sea Plane

Sea Plane

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00404

I picked up a LEGO Creator set last year on clearance. I like that the Creator sets are 3-in-1 sets. I also like that when LEGO puts these together they make the sets into complimentary items. In this set we have the sea plane, an island getaway and a boat. I picked this one not only because it was on clearance but it also gave a Jimmy Buffett vibe.

Some Zelda Gameplay & Smashburger

Photo-A-Day #4464

I keep working on the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Sword Trials. I have completed the lower trials. These are the easiest ones, the first 15. Once I do that the Master Sword gets 10 points stronger. You are transported back to the Korok forest to start the middle trials. I discovered that it makes no sense to try and do the first 15 again in hopes that you continue to the next fifteen with the items that you found in the first set of trials. So, you do each set of trials to upgrade the Master sword 10 points at a time. Right after the part of video that I finished I got killed by a tougher enemy. I was one level away from finishing the Middle trials. Ouch.

Allison and the kids are visiting with our in-laws tonight and when they are away I tend to head over to Smashburger for dinner. I just love that place. Such good burgers and their fried pickles are great! I am always social when I am there, posting pictures of the meals and such. I posted today’s photo to Instagram and twitter and the usual places where you can find me.