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My LEGO Ambitions

LEGO Master Builder Academy
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This past Thursday Brian and I recorded a bunch of episodes of Built from Bricks. While we did so the idea came up for me to build part of a MOC for Brian’s larger MOC. The actual theme of the MOC is revealed on the first LEGO Haul Show. So in order to dive into creating a MOC I am going to read a couple of books, The LEGO Book and The LEGO Ideas Book and work through all of the LEGO Master Builder Academy Sets. I have all four of the sets and haven’t even completed all of them. These sets have fantastic tips on building and should help with me in creating a MOC.

As a bonus, Eva creates something at the end of this video.

The Complete Level 3 LEGO Master Builder Academy

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Ever since I learned about the LEGO Master Builder Academy back at the Time to Play Showcase last year I’ve been slightly obsessed with it. My mom got Eva and I the initial set and I bought the subscription for Level 1 and 2. Then I learned about Level 3 and bought that as well. At this point we have all nine kits from the three levels and I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to buy Level 4. Today I built kit #9 The Dark Lair for the first time and Eva wanted me to build kits 8 and 7 as well because Level 3 of the Master Builder Academy is all about creating a story. The Level 3 kits have a wonderful story about a builder who must journey to reclaim the creativity that was stolen. The story is very inventive and the lessons learned from the sets on how to incorporate storytelling elements into the builds is incredible. We certainly enjoy building the set and then Eva love it when we make up our own stories around the figures and playsets. Continue reading The Complete Level 3 LEGO Master Builder Academy