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Nokia E75

Nokia E75
Photo-A-Day #1553

For the past three weeks I’ have had a Nokia E75 smartphone. I’m going to fully review what I thought of it tomorrow and add it here. Let’s say that I’m still not up for getting rid of my LG EnV.

The Good – This phone looks amazing. I picked it out of the box and was very impressed with the styling. The slide out qwerty keyboard is something that I’ve been asking the WOM World folks to send me. As a blogger who does a lot of on the road type posts I really wanted something with that kind of keyboard. Unfortunately that was also a point against this phone as well.

There were a ton of features for this phone, apps, games and music. I was impressed with the 3.0 MP camera that was built into the phone. The very cool thing is that the phone actually has two cameras. One for taking pictures and the other for taking self portraits. That is a very innovative feature that I wish more phones had.

The Bad – I unfortunately wasn’t impressed enough with this phone. It has wi-fi and I used that for one frustrated evening. Things loaded very slowly where my iPod Touch loaded them so quickly. While I could add Google to my main menu and a quick shot to my gmail account it wasn’t worth the effort because of the slowness of the load time for the phone.

The keyboard was a full on qwerty keyboard but the keys were so flush that you couldn’t tell which key you were pressing and because it was a slide out format I always felt cramped. I don’t like it when my tech makes me feel cramped.

Overall – The phone is a decent one but not one for me. I’m on the search for a phone that will make me want to replace my LG enV and this one was not it.

The LGVX10000 Voyager

I’ve been debating over getting a new phone. Should I get the current EnV that is on the market or should I wait a bit for the LGVX10000. The EnV is $309 retail in the store and you can get $50 mail in rebate, and with Verizon’s new every 2 I can use $100 towards buying one so that brings the price to $149 in the store. Online the price starts at $249.00 and with the $50 off and $100 off it is $99.00. I wonder how these cell phone companies can do that, it is annoying. Granted I would much rather buy things online then get the hard sell from the guys in the shop.

What I am really wondering is if the price of the EnV will drop once the Voyager comes out. I am hoping that this will happen because I really want the EnV. My friend Mr. Fab has one and I want to be Fab too.

You can see a good review of the Voyager on Gizmodo too.