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Light But Beautiful Snowfall

Photo-A-Day #4624

A nice thing about working overnights when it snows is that in the early morning the roads have been cleared up. Then there is the snow on the trees and the ground. It was a very light snow and it mostly melted on the driveway and roads. The clouds overhead were thick but the sky beyond was nice and blue. When I arrived at my parents’ house I noticed that the driveway wasn’t cleared so I parked on the street. I was a bit sleepy and closed my eyes for a bit. I noticed that my dad was out snowblowing the driveway. I moved my car into the driveway. When I got out I saw the arc of the snow flying through the air while the sun came down through the clouds and lit it up really nice. I didn’t get the exact photo that I wanted but I was able to capture some light flare and the snow flying through the air. Mornings like that have great light.

After Church we visited with my parents and then went to pick out our Christmas tree at Attleboro Farms. The tree selection was pretty small. We got a fairly small one and Eva was not happy about it. I kinda feel like Linus and want to tell her that is isn’t a bad little tree. Dad and I set the tree up and then I slept for the day.

We had one of Allison’s friends over for dinner. Andrew had fun with a new audience and he was charming and cute but a bit over excited. Then it was off to work.

Golden Light

Photo-A-Day #3478

Around six pm tonight the sky got incredibly orange. I kept watching it out the window and seeing how it looked against the ever increasingly bare trees out back. I wanted to get out and get some photos so I asked Eva to come outside so I could take a few of her in the light. I really like this backlit one because of how the light hits her hair and give a sort of glowing effect.