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Smashed Another One

Smashed it AGaIN
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00141

I got ambitious and wanted to clean out the office to start making it more presentable for potential buyers. So I was moving my lamps, so they wouldn’t break, and I knocked this one over. I should have started with this one. This is my smallest lamp that doesn’t have an umbrella. Instead I took a larger one and the cord was tangled in this one, which caused it to crash to the floor. At the same time my larger one got caught in the ceiling fan and yanked my arm the wrong way which caused my frozen shoulder to send a shock of pain straight down my arm. All in all this was not fun. These bulbs are expensive!

New Filming Location

Place to Film
Photo-A-Day #4360

I had to move my filming location because I need to get the house in order to prepare the house to be shown. The office is getting really full of stuff and because of that I need to move out the biggest stuff that I have, which is the filming equipment. You can’t get around without some serious maneuvering and that just won’t work. So, for the time being I’m shooting my videos in the basement. I hope that when we move there will be a dedicated space that I can use to film and I can make it have some permanent lighting and more. I also want to capture better sound. I’m slowly making changes to make even better videos. So, if there are sounds from the furnace, I apologize.