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Light It Up with the IllumiBowl

Blue Bowl

I was sent an IllumiBowl 2 to try out and review. This is a product that was seen on Shark Tank. It is also one of those products that you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”. One of those amazingly simple ideas that solves a problem that many people have. Late night trips to the bathroom usually mean getting blinded by the bathroom light. Now with the IllumiBowl there is no need to even turn on the light. Continue reading Light It Up with the IllumiBowl

Lighted Snowman

Photo-A-Day #3538

I took my NX1 down the street tonight to take some photos of the lights that one of my neighbors has. He always decorates big for Christmas and Halloween. I took my NX1 and a tripod and set up on the sidewalk to attempt to get some good light’s photos. I wanted to get that starburst glow pattern from the lights. You can get that from a long exposure and a bunch of other factors. I’m not the best at explaining how it all works together but I can figure it out most of the time. You’ll have to click on today’s image above to see what I mean, check out the lights at the bottom of the photo. Those have the starburst pattern to them.