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And Some Days You’re the Rock

Photo-A-Day #1865

I know that I probably have the worst naming convention for titles of my blog posts/photos. Some days I name the photo and other days I name the post. Today I figured I’d make a play on that expression of some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug. Now that I’ve explained my joke I’ve blown the lid off the fourth wall.

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When you need a Linchpin

Photo-A-Day #1853

Things around work have certainly started picking up in a good way. A while back I mentioned that I would be taking on more duties as the person who did the video production. Well, the guy who had the job before me retired last week and this week I received a bunch of requests for videos aready. Next week I’ll be taking videos of some important customers. I’m also being asked to shoot more video items of our top executives. On my way to being what Seth Godin refers to as a Linchpin (Aff Link). I’m reading that book right now on my Kindle (Aff Link). Continue reading When you need a Linchpin