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Eva’s First Major Concert – Lindsey Stirling

Eva at the Concert
Photo-A-Day #4209

We took Eva and Andrew to their first major concert. It was Lindsey Stirling and her Brave Enough Tour. If you are unfamiliar with Lindsey Stirling, she has a great story. Definitely someone that you want to support because she has such talent. Here is Lindsey’s YouTube Channel. I began sharing Lindsey Stirling videos with Eva when she was 5 years old. She has been a total fan ever since. So, for her birthday I saw that Lindsey was coming to Boston so I got tickets to the Wang Theater. It is a beautiful theater in Boston’s Theater District in Chinatown. We had a great meal of Sushi before the show and also big cookies from Panera because we ended up there an hour early because I read the times wrong, well, at least we weren’t late.

Spending Time With A Friend

Photo-A-Day #2729

This morning while Eva waited to go to school she watched some Lindsey Stirling videos on the new TV. While she sat there holding her Lil’ Riding Hood lovey she also cuddled with Oliver. She was so sweet. I put on some of Lindsey’s videos and then left the room. She took my cell phone and aimed it at the TV to record the video so that I didn’t miss it. Here’s her video.

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