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Finishing the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set #75192

Millennium Falcon
Photo-A-Day #4572

Tonight I went over to Brian’s house to film Built from Bricks. It has been two weeks since I last went over to his place and he had done a ton of work on the Millennium Falcon. He was on the very last bag. I knew this because I had been watching his livestreams as well as his Instagram feed showing his progress. I decided that I would open my own Millennium Falcon and built it with the kids. Mine was considerably smaller than his. His is 7500+ pieces and mine is 696. Mine is also the very first Millennium Falcon that LEGO made back in 2000.

After college I was buying LEGO toys like crazy. I would order them online and have them shipped to me. It was always my intention to save them for when I had kids and when those kids were old enough to play with LEGO and appreciate Star Wars. Back in April we went on a family trip to New Hampshire. I brought along an X-Wing fighter from 2000 and we built that together. It was fun and I was looking for the next set to build.

when Brian originally bought the new Millennium Falcon I dug through my LEGO Star Wars boxes and found my Millennium Falcon. I bought it over to start off the Livestream on the day we worked on the new set for eight straight hours.We opened our last livestream on the set with my completely built Millennium Falcon as a joke. Then we set about finishing the new one. Which happens in the video below.

Building the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set #71592 with Built from Bricks

Brian from Built from Bricks
Photo-A-Day #4537

Today was a day that I’ve been waiting for! Today was the day that the Star Wars Millennium Falcon was released in stores and this was the largest most expensive LEGO set ever. And I didn’t even have to buy it. No, I did not get it for free. My friend and co-host of Built from Bricks, Brian bought it because this was something that his son CJ had always wanted and he is building it as a tribute to his son. He let me build a little, too.

This was a very hard set to get because only so many of them would be released in stores. Brian was up at 4am to get over to the Providence Place Mall to be first in line to pick up the set. His plans were to Livestream the build all day and there was no way that he was going to miss getting this set. Luckily he got there first and was able to secure the very first one sold at the store that day.

This is a Massive Box. It was so massive that a handle was added to it as well as wheels so that people could carry it out of the store.

Now, Brian was at the store for many hours waiting to get the first set. I showed up with 15 minutes to go before the doors opened to capture the purchase on Facebook Live. You casn see that and our other livestream videos below. Continue reading Building the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set #71592 with Built from Bricks