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My 14th Annual Company Picnic

My crew
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There are few days in a year that I look forward to more than the Annual Company picnic. I am with a company that still throws a giant company picnic. Aside from Health Insurance it is my favorite benefit for working here. Now that we have kids who do not need strollers and who can go on almost every ride in the place it is even more fun.

If I thought about it a day like the one we had today would have cost a couple hundred dollars. All the food, games, prizes, rides and shows together cost a lot of money but at the Annual Company Picnic it is all free. I had three lobsters and could have had more. The weather was brutally hot and I was sweating like crazy while cracking lobsters so that wasn’t too enjoyable, but eating them, oh it was awesome!

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Company Picnic 2015

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Today was my company picnic. We had a great day. It was the best ever company picnic so far. The day started out cloudy and rainy but luckily we had our raincoats with us. For the first time it was not sweltering hot. It was cool and so comfortable. Instead of starting with the fried dough we started with the kids doing the bungee trampoline for the first time. They had a great time doing this. We also got into the line for the pirate ship because that always fills up the quickest. The line wasn’t too long and the kids got to color as they waited. Continue reading Company Picnic 2015