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Raising Him Right: Making Notes

Making Notes for his sister

Last year Andrew would go to school and he saw other kids getting notes in their snacks. He asked me if I would write him notes for his lunch. I was very touched by this and then felt a great responsibility to make sure that each lunch had a note in it. They weren’t any thing profound but he enjoyed them.

This year I have been writing notes to put into each of the kids’ lunches. I have a set of colorful Sharpies as well as stickers and index cards. I try and think of something special for each of the kids every morning, or night.

Last night Andrew asked me if he could write Eva’s note this morning. I told him sure.

This morning he came to our room to tell us that he had a bad dream. He told me that his dream was that Eva was on the computer in a stranger’s house ad then the world split apart. This boy has big feelings and such love for his sister. I am so filled with love at the heart within this boy.

His note to Eva was “Gryffindor is Counting on You, Eva”. He knows that she loves Harry Potter and wanted to write something special about that. I’m sure that she is going to get a huge smile out of that note.

Mother’s Day 2018

Mothers Day with Allison and the kids

We had a nice Mother’s Day today. Allison picked up some pork chops and I grilled them up for the family. She made roasted potatoes and also some zucchini. It was a nice meal and the kids raved about it. I was up early from sleeping for work and we gave Allison her gifts. A journal for she and Eva as well as some funny socks. Eva made her earrings and Andrew made her a bunch of cards and more. It was some very cute sentiments that made both of us tear up a bit.

The kids were also all dressed up today because they were filming a movie. Eva has had the idea that she is using iMovie to make a movie of she and Andrew. They didn’t get a chance to film today but had a nice day none the less.