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Drew can Brew, Too.

MakeBeer.net - Sure beats stamp collecting!

At Affiliate Summit West 2010 I attended a few parties put on by Karen (@karengarcia) & Joel Garcia (@joeldgarcia) and Wade Tonkin (@affile8warrior) of GTO Management. The big one was Strike Out Breast Cancer Midnight Bowling Fundraiser and it was so much fun. How we ended up leaving before the group picture is beyond me. I so missed out but leaving early.

What I didn’t miss out on however was a special meetup and free beer party. This party was put on by GTO Management and MakeBeer.net. At this event we were able to try six different flavors of Coopers homebrew beer.

Cooper's Beers

I tried the Lager and the Stout and they were both delicious. I didn’t win my own Homebrew kit but I will be ordering one soon to make my very own beer. This kit is not only inexpensive ($99.00 gets you a full setup to brew your first set of beers) but easy to use. I just watched these videos that detail the process of making your own beer. I will be creating my own videos as well so you can see how my beer making prowess progresses. Please note that the links to MakeBeer.net are affiliate links through the very cool affiliate network ShareASale.

Take a look at these videos:

Video #1 introduces you to the process. Explains what is in the kit.

Step 1 of the process: Mixing

Step 2 of the process Brewing

Step 3 of the process: Bottling

Step 4 of the process: Enjoyment.

I can think of a bunch of people that I know who enjoy beer enough to want to brew their own. For me I can see working on making beer with Allison and with my Dad, too. Allison is excited because Cooper’s has a wheat beer and she likes wheat beer. I love lager and stout and they were delicious so I look forward to making my own. I’ll take you along for the journey as I make beer.

If you are interested in making your own beer then take advantage of this offer: Free ground shipping on orders of $80 or more with coupon code SHIPFREE. Expires 1/31