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Delivery Man Official Trailer #DeliveryManMovie

What is your definition of Family? In the movie Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn plays a likable underachiever, David Wozniak. Through a mix up at a fertility clinic he ends up fathering 533 children from a donation he made 20 years ago. Now 142 of those kids are suing to learn the identity of their biological father. David now must decide if he will come forward and reveal who he is. The thing is, he gets a packet of bios on each of the kids and while his friend tells him not to look at them he selects one at random and searches out the kid. As we see in the trailer he doesn’t stop there, David finds his purpose and that is to look out for these kids.

The movie looks like it will be touching and funny and add further definition to the concept of family. The release date is November 22, 2013 which is a special day for my own family as it is the date of my son’s 2nd birthday. Becoming a dad for the first time when my daughter was born solidified the definition of family to me. When my son came along it became further strengthened and the definition changed to add him into the fold. So, once again, I ask, “How do you define family?”

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