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Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Day 2

Photo-A-Day #1745

Our second day in Vegas and it was time to get down to business. Allison and I got up and had a nice relaxing morning. I picked up some muffins from a little coffee shop in the hotel. We enjoyed them in the room while we relaxed before the long day ahead. Today I spoke on a panel, we went to Margaritaville and also Zumanity and then capped the evening with a charity bowling event.

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Got Salt?

Got Salt?
Photo-A-Day #1398

The photo today is actually two-fold. I am very ready for the winter to be over. I want to get back outside and enjoy the nice weather. I have this project that I want to start with my bike, an Xshot, some home hacking to make a mount and of course, a camera.

As you might know I was pretty sick yesterday, just the flu but it knocked me out. I even got a flu shot because diabetics are supposed to get them. I never used to get them and I very rarely got sick. The only times I ever got sick was when the schedule changed so I was sick most holidays because I slowed down my routine and germs caught me. I can’t imagine myself any slower than I am today. The germs aren’t even getting any sport in catching me now.

The ray of sunshine on the horizon however is an upcoming concert that I really would love to go back to. We haven’t seen Jimmy Buffett in concert at Great Woods/Tweeter Center/Verizon Center/Comcast Center in years. But I cannot eloquently describe this amazing event half as well as one of my good friends. I think this guy should write his own blog on Marketing Spin. He is the master wordsmith.

Photo-A-Day #883b 09/08/07

If you’re attitude’s appalling, there’s a latitude that’s calling; get yourself past that continental shelf!!
Jimmy Buffett

Greetings fellow parrot heads!!

Tired of the cold?? Tired of the snow??? Gotta fly to St. Somewhere??? Well have no fear!! It’s time once again to start breaking out your flip
flops, grass skirts, cocconut attire, shark fins,and margarita tikis ladies and gentlemen, because our favorite tropical troubador, the barron of boat
drinks, the prince of palappas himself, the honorable Jimmy Buffett will once again be bringing that magical place somewhere just south of Disorder to the Comcast Center in Mansfield on Thursday, June 25th, and Saturday, June 27th!! Tickets go on sale this Saturday, February 7th at 10 a.m. on Ticketmaster!!! Start blowing up your inflatable parrots and sea planes people, this party will be here before you know it!!!!!

But as always, migrating a large flock of parrot heads to that magical place where summer spends the winter requires a bit of logistical planning, and I must once again call upon the loyal citizens of Margaritaville for some assistance. If any of you can help us in the quest for tickets to this party at the end of the world, your purchasing power will be most greatly appreciated by all who enter through these hallowed gates because of your efforts!! So if you can help out with buying tickets, please let me know so that we can more effectively coordinate our efforts on Saturday!!

Also, due to scheduling conflicts for some of the flip-flop faithful, as well as the fact that we seem to end up never being able to score tickets for the Saturday show anyway, we will be concentrating primarily on getting tickets for the show on Thursday, June 25th. (why the heck not; like I said, we never get tickets for the Saturday show no matter how hard we try anyway….)

So take heart O’ brethren of the boat drinks!! Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted a long winter yesterday, but if that stupid rodent had spent less time searching for his shadow and more time searching for his lost shaker of salt, he too would have had a change of latitude and attitude as we have, and would understand that spring, like Margaritaville, is a state of mind!!!

I look forward to seeing you all there!!!!

Don’t you just want to be there partying with us. We have such a great time each year. You may notice a few links in there. Those are to Buffett events past recaps going back to 2004. Enjoy.

And speaking of tickets that are worth the price of admission, IZEAFest 2009 is gearing up for some major stuff, a new site with tons of info and I mean tons of info. There are 33 early bird tickets left 33 that’s it. Once they sell out then there will be only full price tickets. Believe me, you want to get your tickets now because they are going to be more than worth it. So buy your IZEAFest 2009 Tickets today.