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Seashell on Mars

Photo-A-Day #1839

Tonight I got caught up in some things around the house and didn’t make it outside to get a photo so I looked around the house. I found Allison’s bowl filled with seashells. I love the close up details on a seashell and at the same time needed to find a place to shoot the shell. I settled on the rug in the bedroom because I pictured seeing this seashell on the surface of Mars. Continue reading Seashell on Mars

I love M&Ms, They’re Just Prime!

I Love M&Ms, They're Just Prime!
Photo-A-Day #1523

I’m a big fan of the candy M&Ms. My favorite kind is the Peanut M&M but lately Dark Peanut M&Ms are slowly taking over the top spot. I have an M&M candy dish with Yellow and Red standing on it. I have dispenser what depicts Blue on a motorcycle. You push his foot on the kickstart and M&Ms fall into the sidecar. I love that one.

But now I learned about the Transformers Candy Dispenser. M&Ms Mars has teamed up in the awesome Marketing Blitz that is the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie to bring us tons of things, most of it crap but this Transformers M&M Dispenser I MUST HAVE! The candy dispenser depicts Red as Optimus Prime on top of the dispenser and all you need to do to get one is to buy 5 bags of M&Ms or Snickers (9.5oz bags or larger) from Target.

I’m not getting paid by anyone to tell you about this, I actually went to Target last night and bought 5 bags so I could get myself this candy dispenser. I can’t wait to get it and put it on my desk.