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LEGO Sets: A Hulking Out Preview

Andrew on the Playground
Photo-A-Day #4378

Today was a nice day with Andrew. I took him to school and then went to the gym. From there I went back to shcool and played some Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild until it was time to go in to read to Andrew’s Class.

I read the class two books. The first was Different is Awesome by Ryan Haack and illustrated by my friend Wes Molebash. The kids liked that very much. The second book was Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems. The kids loved that story and they laughed like crazy. That book is a great one for laughter. Andrew said it was his favorite book.

We went to lunch at Bliss Bros. Dairy because I had a craving for clamcakes and chowder. Andrew was s so much fun at lunch. We are starting to have better conversations and he’s such a joy to take to a meal. He was funny and sweet. He impressed the waitress, too, with his speaking. She said to me that he spoke so well and then she asked him how old he was. He held up his hand. I looked at him and said, “She just said that you spoke well and then when she asked you a question you just help up your hand.” He pointed to his mouth. His mouth had been full and so he was actually being polite. Well, I’m glad he had the presence of mind to be polite in that moment.

We went to the playground right after that. Andrew played on his favorite things like the zipline and the swings. He took a couple of falls but got right back up to try it once again.

In my video I talk about the new Marvel Superheroes LEGO set that Brian and I built for an episode of Built from Bricks. The Hulk vs Hulk set is a great one. It is really fun to play with, too. You will see when the episode is released.

One Minute Vlog – #Unboxing Funko Pop Falcon

Marvel Falcon Unboxed
Photo-A-Day #4169

While taking a look at some of the conversations over at the YouTube Creator Community I got some inspiration. I learned about a vlogger who was doing a one-minute vlog every day. I am not sure if I can go and record a one-minute vlog on a daily basis but one the weekends when I have limited time it works great. Unboxings work well for the one-minute type videos. My toughest part of all this is actually keeping the videos to a minute.

I picked up Falcon at Barnes & Noble when I used my gift card last week. I was saving it for a day when I didn’t have much else going on. It was perfect for the minute long video.