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Thanos Takedown With LEGO Marvel Mechs

Thanos Takedown

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00390

So far there are 4 Mechs from the LEGO MArvel Super Heroes line. I built Spider-Man tonight and he works well in a team up Iron Man. These guys made me think about how Iron Man and Spider-Man worked together with the other heroes to try and takedown Thanos. I tried very hard to get it to look like Thanos was about to snap his fingers in the Infinity Gauntlet. Not sure if it came out that well in the end. The fingers can almost make the position.

As I was building this I through of how I could come up with Mechs for other Avengers. Although, I’m not that good with making things out of the blue. I have ideas but turning them into a tangible LEGO creation is a bit difficult. I guess I’ll just have to give it a try.

Thanos LEGO Mech

Thanos Mech

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00376

I hope that LEGO continues this trend of making Marvel characters in Mech suits. So far I have gotten Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thanos. There is a set that has a Venom Mech with a Spider-Man jet. However, there should be more of these mechs made for the other Marvel characters. There used to be these mini cars made of each character but I like the whole idea of these mechs much more. Let’s hope that there is a Captain America or Thor one coming soon.