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Planting Seeds

Photo-A-Day #1795

Eva loves Sid the Science Kid and so whenever I have a chance to work a little Science! into our fun times together I try and do it. This afternoon when I got home from work I took Eva out to play on her Tricycle. We stepped down from the bike because she wasn’t getting the whole pedaling thing. So instead I took out the tricycle that our neighbors at the Cape gave us at the end of the summer. This is smaller, easier for her to get off and on and the pedals are a bit closer. There is also a handle on the back so that I can push when I need to. We were playing in the driveway for a while and she was doing pretty well. She was even starting to pedal a bit. But eventually she got tired of that and we walked around the front yard.

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Returning From A Jolly Holiday

Returning From A Jolly Holiday
Photo-A-Day #1641

Today was the end of our (nearly) Two Week vacation in Florida. We had such an excellent time and met so many fantastic people that I am certainly not at all going to want to head to work tomorrow. And this week I have to recap so many of the awesome things that happened and I also owe you guys 3 Photo-A-Day Photos and posts. They are coming.

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