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Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve Mass
Photo-A-Day #4639

Christmas Eve was a wonderful day. We spent the day at home until the late afternoon. Then we went to the Christmas Eve Mass with my parents and sister. We actually got there early enough this year to have seats in the pews instead of the folding chairs in the back. It was a very nice Mass with great music. Eva sang her heart out during “Go Tell It On the Mountain.” She belted it out loud enough to have some folks turn right around to notice. After Mass we took the annual photo of the kids with the manger scene.

We then had a nice family dinner with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. Allison made her Christmas Chicken stew. We enjoyed good conversation and fun. Erik gave me a special tin of Garrett popcorn. He said it was supposed to be in a pink bucket but instead it was a Chicago Bulls one. While the pink one would have been funnier, it didn’t matter since the popcorn is what I’m excited about. It was nice of him to remember that I liked it so much.

After dinner we showed everyone our crazy huge MAX TRAXXX race track that we made. Everyone was impressed and gave it a try. I got some hair and cat fur stuck in one of the new cars and learned how to completely disassemble it and reassemble it. Then it was time to put the kids to bed for Christmas.

All Saints’ Day Mass with Saint Bernadette

Photo-A-Day #3496

When you are coming off a long weekend of working overnights, getting little sleep you need a little heavenly help. Luckily today was the All Saints’ Day Mass at Eva’s school. It was also Grandparent’s Day for the First Grade. Eva went as Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Allison knit her the shawl. The skirt came from my mom, as did the small bottle of holy water from Lourdes. Eva is wearing a Saint Bernadette necklace and has some Saint Bernadette medals sewn into one pocket and a rosary in the other. She had been practicing her lines all week long and she was ready.

The Mass was a very nice one even if I wanted to completely pass out like Andrew did. I didn’t want to miss anything that Eva was doing. she had a few sentences to speak about Saint Bernadette and she did so well. She was the most clear speaker of her class (in my opinion) and got her whole set of lines correct. We were all so proud of her.

After the Mass we went downstairs to the Church Hall for some snacks and Eva showed us a picture that she drew of Saint Bernadette. I love to brag about my daughter, she is just so talented but also compassionate and smart.