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Multiple Skylanders Imaginators Unboxings

Skylanders Imaginators Starcast
Photo-A-Day #4229

Activision sent me a mess of Skylanders back before the launch of Imaginators. I have been posting them as often as I can but I’m behind and I really want to play with the ones I have and so I’m opening them to play with them. As far as making walkthrough and gameplay videos I am even further behind. Making gameplay videos takes a long time and as I wait till I have time I’m missing out on playing with the characters. So, I will make them later one. For the time being I’ll do some unboxing videos and reviews of the figures in my posts.

The character above is Master Starcast. He is a Ninja from the Dark Element. There is a special chase variant figure that is out there that is clear. I want it but I haven’t found it anywhere. The last clear character I ever found was the Trap Master Tuff Luck. That was at Target and I just got lucky. I am hoping to get lucky again. After the video I have more information of the additional characters that I opened today. I then played with all of them to get a fee for their fighting styles. Starcast can move around on top of a giant throwing star and then he is also able to toss four stars at once.

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Unboxing A HUGE Haul of Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators Haul
Photo-A-Day #4201

I received a big box of Skylanders Imaginators figures from Activision for free to review. Opinions of the game and toys are 100% my own.I was so surprised to find out that I was going to be getting a full set of Wave One toys for Skylanders Imaginators. The only thing I am missing is the Chompy Mage which is an exclusive to Amazon.com. It is only being sold as part of the Villain Sensei 5-pack. I had ordered that and the Sensei 8-Pack but cancelled those orders after today’s delivery. The box itself was 13 pounds! Inside there were so many figures in the box. I couldn’t even open all of them today. I decided then to just unbox the starter pack so that I could play it tonight. That didn’t even happen until later tonight. I did have an embargo until 7pm tonight and used that time to create a couple of videos. First up is my opening the giant box from Activision.

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