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Mobilize WordPress

Photo-A-Day #2174

Tonight was WordPress Providence and I spoke during the event. I got up and talked about the Plug In WPtouch. I’ve written about this many times in the past and recommend it as part of my Personal Branding Bootcamp. Today I actually went and bought the WPtouch Pro premium plugin. This does a ton of great things beyond what the free version does. For one thing it has support for the iPad. Using this plug in I was able to turn my blog here into an app. It was so easy. Continue reading Mobilize WordPress

I Attended TweetDrive Providence

Photo-A-Day #2070

Tonight I went to an event that was sponsored by the Newport Interactive Marketers. It was called the TweetDrive. Think of it as a Toy drive for Twitter users. My friend Suzanne McDonald from WordPress Providence and Newport Interactive Marketers invited me to this event. She’s actually invited me to many events and I haven’t been able to attend a single one. I finally could. And She couldn’t make it.

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