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SMSH Class of ’88 Mini Meetup

Photo-A-Day #3527

Tonight Allison and I went to a mini meetup with four of my former classmates and friends from my eighth grade class. We were also joined by one of the spouses. We met up at Natty Green’s Tavern for drinks and food. Natty Green’s is a place that I have wanted to go to ever since it opened. I think it has been open for two years and this was our very first visit. I am pretty sure that we will be back.

It was so nice to get to catch up with friends and trade stories as to what we are up to today. We were there for a couple hours and when we all stood to go, then, then we went and started in with the nostalgia stories. I think if we sat back down we would have still been there talking over those things that we went through during our time in grade school. That is what happens when you spend every day for 6-8 years together in a small class of students. We do catch up with each other on Facebook but it is so much better to sit down over food and talk and enjoy being together. Continue reading SMSH Class of ’88 Mini Meetup

WordPress Providence Holiday Meetup 2010

Photo-A-Day #2062

Tonight was the Holiday Party for WordPress Providence. We had Lightning Talks done by the four men pictured above. They are Jonathan Derosiers, Bill Dennen, J. Hogue and John James Jacoby. These guys did some amazing talks about how they are using WordPress in fun and interesting ways. I didn’t record the talks this time. Just wasn’t on my game. You can learn more about the session and WordPress Providence at the WordPress Providence Site. Continue reading WordPress Providence Holiday Meetup 2010